Holiday Greetings from the Politically Correct Police

By Candra Anaya

I offer you my kindest wishes for a completely inclusive, socially and economically responsible, planet conscious, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the religion of your liking while respecting the religions of others, or their choice to abandon religious traditions altogether. I extend these sentiments regardless of the highest level of education completed, marital status, race, age, gender, physical ability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or employment. This offering remains valid regardless of your choice of computer platforms, the length of time you can or can not hold tree pose in yoga, if you are or are not a biblioklept, or whether or not you choose to co-exist with a cat. My feelings may or may not be impacted by your acceptance of these sentiments, which is completely and totally my responsibility. While remaining utterly unobligated to do so, you are free to accept my best wishes at the time most convenient for you, even if you reside in an area that practices Daylight Savings Time, because all time is valid and acceptable.

Respectfully yours.

Writer ~ The Write To Be Free ~

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